4 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Bounce House for Your Kid’s Summer Party

With Spring in full bloom and Summer right around the corner, parents in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas should start considering what to do for their child’s upcoming birthday party. Cake is good, clowns are hit or miss with kids, candies are always welcome, but if you’re looking to make an unforgettable impact with your child and their friends, we suggest renting a bounce house, and here are our reasons why:

1. Kids love to bounce on things

History reveals that children love to jump on everything which is considered bouncy, such as your couch and bed, it’s in their DNA. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone that has children and they will confirm this to be true.  This is why bounce houses are so popular with kids. Want to earn big points with your kid? Rent a bounce house for their next party.

2. Jumping is healthy for children

Technology has made kids lazy. Children are getting obese because they are usually zoned in to their laptops, tablets or smartphones, instead of going outside to play. A great way to motivate exercise is a bounce house. Very few kids can resist playing on it. Bounce houses promote cardio exercise and bone and muscle growth, all while having fun.

 3. Parents can take a break

As a parent, hosting a children’s party can be a daunting task, and if there’s nothing to keep multiple kids entertained in one specific area, the kids will leave the house in a complete mess. The solution? Rent a bounce house. While all the kids are busy bouncing for hours in one designated area, parents can sit back, take a breather and actually enjoy the party. The added bonus: Bounce houses are safe.

4. Great Value

 Let’s face it, parents who are reading this, children’s parties can be expensive. Luckily for you, bounce house rentals are usually one fixed price for the whole length of the party. This advantage allows parents to spend on other areas of the party and save money overall. Also, most bounce house rental companies have discounts for multiple rentals or referral programs you can take advantage of.

If you live in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas, and are looking for bounce house rentals or non-inflatable game rentals, give Over the Moon a call 587-999-0032! We have equipment for all occasions like birthday parties, school and community carnivals.

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